Monday, October 1, 2012

Citizen Violent - the Whole Thang

Covering my ass!

Daring Mystery Comics #8, "Timely" Comics, January '42, Ben Thompson possible artist

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Old Parents!


Where did this come from? It's a Mystery, or should I say a Secret. But I will tell you that Jack Schiff is the writer and Bernard Baily is the artist... if that doesn't tell you what you need to know you aren't the person I'm worried about knowing it. Why so coy, Real Toy Gun?

Shame Pet!

America, this is your government talking

Brad's dirty

Horror Halves!

This is an auspicious occasion because it's the last time you'll see me using any copyrighted material on here... I'd like to make a little Paper off this pasttime, and you know who has more paper than me? DC Comics' legal department.  Goodbye 1970's horror comics associated with infringement law, you've been good to me

From Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #12, 1971, copyrighted by the abovementioned... Writer and artist unknown.  I guess nobody thought to write it down.

Millionaire Harassment!

What do you get a rich, insane millionaire who has it all?  Incriminating photos

This is from House of Mystery #60, copyright DC comics, writer unknown (of course), artist being Bernard Baily... He created the Spectre, which is that spooky dude who kills people in horrific ways... yeah, I know, narrow it down

Space Hobo!

Now that I'm posting another story from DC Comics, let me remind you again that I am fooling myself into pretending I'm protected by some sort of satire law.  See, what it is is, evidently, according to Wikipedia, is that satire shames individuals or social institutions into bettering themselves.  I'm not quoting.  So let's believe together, by me jacking this story from Tales of the Unexpected #26, that I am shaming individuals and social institutions into bettering themselves.  That was my only goal. I swear.

Original artist: Mort Meskin.  Original writer: I guess me, now

Bunky Health!

An informative pamphlet from an ignorant time

Groovy Blood!

Satire! Satire? Satire.

Picture Wrong!

Here's a one page ad for this page --

Power Hater!

In which a Tony Soprano-esque character gets mixed up with Martians and religious nutjobs--

The only info I can find is that the artist appears to be Howard Sherman...   He created Dr. Fate, who is a dude who wears a bright yellow mask and strikes terror into the hearts of evildoers... Kind of like Pokemon

Hole up, Succesful Operation!

In which the Beautiful People of our generation live, love, and do more living, on camera--

Written by Bob Kanigher, drawn by Fred Carillo...  Kanigher created Sgt. Rock, who is a cigar-chomping bada**...  Sorry to steal your words out from under you brother, rest in peace

Witch Pot!

Busy week, but here's a story about a pot.

EDIT: From the House of Secrets #58, copyright, DC Comics...  Unknown writer, Lee Elias is the artist... There you go.